We’re getting closer and closer to road trip season. And what better meal is there on a road trip than a hearty burger? If you replied none, we’ve made a list of a few awesome burger stops for you on your next Fraser Canyon road trip!

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1. Hope Local House – Silver Chalice Pub
19974 Silverview Rd – Hope

2. Somewhere Else Cafe
27052 Baker – Yale

3. Home Restaurant (Hope)
665 Old Hope Princeton Way – Hope

4. Fat Jack’s Diner & Pub
50865 Trans-Canada Highway – Boston Bar

5. Old Towne Inne Chuckwagon Bar & Grill
47555 Trans-Canada Highway – Boston Bar

6. Hope Mountain Cafe
293 Wallace Street – Hope

7. Lillooet Cookhouse Restaurant
690 Main Street – Lillooet

Now that you know where you’ll be eating, it’s time to plan the rest of your trip through the Fraser Canyon! Click the button below to plan!

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